Saturday, June 23, 2012

Storybook - Free Software

Another great software offering of which every writer of fiction should at least be aware is Storybook.  It's a free, open source software program that lets you outline, organize, and reorganize your story's plot in an easy-to-see, visual way that will let you see all your story lines and elements at a glance and which can potentially enhance your story writing.  Here's a description of the software, as explained on Storybook's webpage.

"About Storybook

"Storybook is a free Open Source novel-writing software for creative writers, novelists and authors. Starting with the plot to the finished book — with Storybook you'll never lose the overview. Storybook helps you to keep an overview of multiple plot-lines while writing books, novels or other written works.

"Storybook assists you in writing your book

"Manage all your data such as characters, locations, scenes, items, tags and ideas in one place. A simple interface is provided to enable you to assign your defined objects to each scene and to keep an overview of your work with user-friendly chart tools. With the Memoria Tool each object can be followed in dependence on time."

And, the best thing of all is, Storybook is open source software - and it's free.

If this sounds like what you've been needing to enhance and organize your writing, here's the link to the download page.



  1. This looks like an awesome tool! I can't wait to try it... Thanks!!!


  2. It really is. I think you'll like it. Enjoy!