Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Approach

I've decided to take a new approach to this blog.  I started it, intending to write about my writing.  I posted a few blogs in this vein, but found it difficult to maintain interest in blogging about my writing.  So I've decided to shift my emphasis.

A couple of years back I returned to school to study computer networking.  I didn't realize at the time how much studying computers would benefit my writing, but it has, not so much my writing but how I produce and backup my writing.  Most people write on a computer, nowadays, but I wonder how many writers understand their computers.  The ability to use a computer is essential to effective writing.  So I've decided to center this blog around the theme of writing with a computer.  My future blogs will reflect this new emphasis.

I've also give the blog a new look.  I hope you like it.

Stay tuned for more.

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